Stocking Stuffers with a Twist

In our house, the stocking hanging outside their bedroom door comes from Santa and since last year it’s contents haven’t been wrapped. Maybe Santa is getting a little lazy or maybe he just likes the idea of them being able to see what they’ve got straight away. Either way, the big man kindly sent his stocking stuffers early for me to share with you.
Personally, I’m not a big fan of overindulgent Christmas gifts. That isn’t to say I don’t want to spoil my girls and see their excited faces at the site of a mountain of gifts. It’s just that I think larger items such as bikes, playhouse and possible tech could be saved for birthdays. Firstly to spread the cost and push the big ticket items to a time when there are less people to buy for. And Secondly to move away from the ideas that all Christmas revolves around is the gifts.

Frugal Santa

Bearing this in mind, Santa doesn’t spend a lot. In fact, the entire contents of the girls stocking comes to less than a tenner each. Maybe you might think this is tight but I know my girls are going to be super thrilled by the Paw Patrol soft toys. They’ve been asking for them since their last ones were accidentally left at the airport.
I could have bought replacements straight away but the anticipation and excitement of asking Santa for new ones will make their day and all other gifts will likely play second fiddle regardless of their cost. 


What’s in their Stockings?


Paw Patrol Soft Toys

Their old Paw Patrol soft toys were the mini pillow pals ones. These only come in Chase, Marshall and Skye. I saw Ty Beanies had brought out their own ones and managed to bag an entire set new without tags on eBay for £22. They will each get the character they asked for in their stocking poking its head out the top. The rest they’ll discover under the tree. 
Nothing else is really going to compete with these so everything else is just filler. It’s a mixture of things they want, need and a few things to eat.


Festive socks

This double pack will be split. Perfect twin gift. Children hate labels and packaging anyway.


Rainbow Drops

A colourful treat and something new they’ve never tried before.


These novelty sponges will plump out the stocking.

Mini Crtters

From the pocket money section in Wilko. This is likely to be a disposable gift that may not even make it home.

Bracelet Sets

Something simple to do if there is a lull.


The girls still talk about the fact Santa gave them a satsuma in their stocking last year. It baffled them. Apparently Jessica wants a banana this year instead so she’s going to mention it on her Christmas list. 
…and finally the twist


Stocking Donation

This is a new one but Santa has decided to put a fiver in an envelope for each girl to donate. We’ll explain that some people aren’t as lucky as we are and that they can choose who or what cause they donate the money. Hopefully, as they get older they will be able to understand this more and value this ‘gift’.
What goes in your child’s stocking and is it from you or Santa?


Cheap stocking fillers to stuff your stocking. Stocking stuffers for under a tenner.

What do you think?

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