Retro toys my girls have been loving

Daddy2twindividuals’ folks live in Jersey, which if you are anything like me, you won’t have a clue where that is. It’s a tiny island just off France where all the street names are in French and has strange money yet still is part of Britain. Who knew you’d be in for a quick geography lesson when you clicked this link.

Anyhow, when the Grandfolks visit they are systematically emptying their house into ours. I kid you not that on some trips their entire hand luggage has been filled with Lego. As a child, I loved Lego. Not the pre packaged kits you get nowadays oh no. I’m talking about the giant tub that you’d completely upend to find a specific piece and then spend hours creating some structure that resembled a mix of rocket, house and bus.


Vintage Duplo

Also, just before Christmas we were given an original 1980’s Duplo farm that Stu had been given for his second Christmas. Not that you’d know to look at it. The girls think it’s fab. It’s just crazy to think that their Daddy was playing with the exact same farm when he was a toddler.

Handmade treasures

As Grandad2twindividals’ is a joiner by trade, he made this lovely little dresser and amazing farm yard for Stu’s sister back in the 70s. I’m not massively sentimental but it’s so lovely to have these in our house for Jessica and Emily to enjoy. Nin2twindividuals collected all the little animals and added some new ones when they were brought over. We’ve also got a big bucket of other animals. Sometimes the giraffe or lions make their way to the farm but I’m ok with that.


The vintage doll clothes might be my favourite. How cute do baby Reggie and Baby Sophie look in them (names chosen by Jess and Emily)?



Finally, the books. Andy Pandy, Blackberry Farm and Postman Pat are hilarious to read. The are from another era but are quaint and lovely little stories that we’ve been enjoying a lot. They are also the perfect size for car trips and to throw in a bag. Someone recently told me they are now quite collectible. Who knows, maybe I’ve got a mega valuable first edition. Sorry Jess and Emily, Mummy and Daddy are off to the Maldives.


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