Packing for Disney : 10 Items not to Forget

We are on official Disney countdown and as I’m writing this we have only 18 days to go until our Disney adventure begins. I’ve done lots of research for our trip and have put together a list of items we are packing for Disney that are specific to a Disney trip.

You’ll notice I have left off general packing items such as sunscreen and water bottles and focused on the items you might not think of but that will make your Disney holiday that little more magical.

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Packing for Disney

1) Family T-shirts

Of course, these aren’t essential but we couldn’t resist and they will make for some great photos. We picked these up from the new Primark in Birmingham where there have a Disney T-shirt Photo Lab for you to customise your t-shirts or tote bags.

They come in white or grey and there are lots of characters, backgrounds, slogans and fonts to choose from. Adults t-shirts were £8 and children ones were £5. Alternatively, you can get t-shirts custom printed online.

2) Safety Bracelets

I stumbled upon these phone number bracelets on eBay but thought they were a great idea. It’s one of those purchases you hope you’ll never need to use but may be really helpful in an emergency. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles and also choose what text/number you want. They were £2 each.

3) Autograph books

The character interactions are one of the parts of the trip I am most excited about and so I wanted the girls to have a book each to collect the character’s signatures. We’ll also pack a few Sharpies as these are easier for the characters to hold I’ve heard. This set of three notebooks was £2 from Primark.

4) Disney Ears

Ever since we booked our trip earlier this year, I’ve been coverting other peoples handmade Disney Ears. So, I was slightly giddy when Neverland Dreams kindly gifted me these gorgeous ones. These will go perfectly with my Disney bound outfits (see below) and the girls can wear them too. They have been made beautifully and I love all the little details.

5 Snack and Food Bags

Food in Disneyland is expensive and so we are taking lots and lots of snacks. As we are on a half board package we are also taking food bags to sneak away a few little treats from the breakfast buffet….shhhh don’t tell anyone. We like the zipper type food bags from Ikea.

6) Costumes

I have no intention of buying the very expensive costumes from Disney and as we already have a few, we will be packing these too. We may end up carrying them around some of the time and popping them over other clothes for meet and greets or for the parade. I’ve been told, if you are dressed as a character, that character is more likely to interact with you during the parade.

7) Light Up Toys and Glow Sticks


Instead of getting these in the park, I’ve picked up some cheap light up toys from eBay and glow sticks from the Pound Shop. The spinning light up wands were only a fiver for two. These are going to be fab while waiting for the Fireworks.

8) Disney Pjs

I couldn’t resist these Disney PJs from Primark and so I will pack these as a surprise for when we arrive. They were £10 for two sets of shortie PJs. You always need more PJs anyway.

9) Portable Power Bank

As I know I am going to be on my phone constantly snapping away and recording, no doubt I’ll whizz through my battery and so I’ve bought an ultra-compact external battery that holds enough charge to repower my phone twice over if need be. We got ours from Amazon for £14.

10) Disney Bounding Outfits

I always like to go a bit extra and so couldn’t possibly just wear regular clothes to Disney. Instead I’ve opted to take some subtly Disney character inspired outfits. Adults are not allowed to dress up as character in Disneyland but Disney Bounding is fine.

My Snow White outfit is just pieces I already owned with a red apple necklace I picked up from eBay for a couple of pounds. The tunic dress and legging for my Ariel outfit were also bought from eBay. I already had the fork necklace.

If you have been to Disneyland, is there anything you packed that was specifically for a Disney trip?


If you're packing for Disney, be sure not to forget these 10 items to make your trip even more magical.

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