Lying to a telemarketer


Last year, I had a phone call from some government initiative researcher asking about my exercise habits. Now normally, I would politely but firmly tell a telemarketer where to go but maybe it was hearing an adult voice after spending however long in the company of toddler twins which convinced me to stay on the line.

The problem is, I just don’t exercise. I think I had been to 3 exercise classes in my entire life. I’ve never had a gym membership and at that point didn’t even own proper trainers. So when he was quizzing me on my daily (yes daily) exercise, I embellished.

Little white lies

‘For how long do you walk at a brisk pace each day?’

errrr I live in a village so I drive everywhere…but surely running around after twins counts so I say ’20-30minutes a day’

‘How many times a day do you get out of breath from exercise?’

Zero, but I can bring myself to say that so instead I answer ‘probably once or twice a day’

You can see how this went on. I also completely exaggerated how long I’d been doing Zumba for (about three weeks at that point) and when asked, I think I said six months …. pah! However I did keep up my class once a week and even bought some trainers but then the instructor went and got pregnant -how inconsiderate.

Fast forward

That was 7 months ago. After the instructor stopped, I half heartedly looked for another class but mostly the logistics of bedtimes and classes just clashed so I just didn’t bother. Fast forward to last month and a new Zumba instructor has started at the community centre. Daddy does stories and milk and I can be back in time for bedtime kisses and cuddles.

Let’s hope the telemarketer doesn’t check up on me as I’m pretty sure I said I intended to up the number of classes. (It must have been the disapproving tone of his voice). It’s a blooming miracle I’m going to one so let’s not push it.



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