Half Term Ideas: A-Z of Budget Family Friendly Activities to Keep Kids Entertained

Depending on where you live in the country, half term is almost upon us and so comes a period of relaxed routines and more free time. Well for the kids anyway. Sometimes you just need a few ideas up your sleeve to keep them entertained on quieter days and without breaking the bank.

With the help of some friends, I set about compiling an A-Z of budget friendly activities. Below you’ll find lots of inspiration to keep everyone happy this half term whatever the weather decides to throw at us.


A = Art gallery
Helena See what’s going on at any local art galleries this half term. http://thequeenofcollage.blogspot.com


B = Bake your own biscuits
Hayley Bake some biscuits together, then decorate them with icing sugar and sprinkles etc. https://missmanypennies.com

B = Bear hunt
Anna Follow the story and make an obstacle course around your house! https://popitha.com/


C = Cinema
Josie Lots of cinemas do cheap morning showings of slightly older films in the school holidays. My local Odeon is £2.50 a ticket so we take our own sweets and it’s £7.50 for me and my two kids, compared to £40-£45 for a brand new film and buying snacks there. Https://Methemandtheothers.com

C = Cakes.
Fran Most of us have the basics for whipping up a batch of fairy cakes at home. 2 oz of sugar, butter, self raising flour and 1 egg will make around 6-8 fairy cakes. A bit of icing sugar mixed with water or milk and some sprinkles! www.backwithabump.co.uk

C = Crafts
Lyndsay-Rose Get scrolling on Pinterest for Mothers day/ Easter inspiration. https://MyFamilyOfRoses.co.uk


D = Dressing up day.
Jo Dress up as your favourite Disney or TV character and do activities around these characters all day. Www.arosetintedworld.co.uk


E = Explore
Ell Explore your local village, town or city because sometimes we ignore what is right under our noses! I’ve recently found the website treasuretrails.co.uk where you can put in your postcode and download self-guided Treasure Trails/Spy Missions based around places local to you! It looks really good and we’re going to try a couple this Half Term!


F = Face painting
Yvette This may get messy but could be great fun and then an extented bath time to splash and wash it all off.


G = Geocaching
Rachel Have fun on walks with a digital treasure hunt! https://outandaboutmummy.com/…/get-outside-this-winter…/

Great minds as Katie had the same idea…

G = Geocaching
Katie  Here’s a post with ideas and tips to get you started. http://mumof2point5.com/…/geocaching-the-free…/

G = Games
Jade We love to play board games. We have a small collection and we can spend anything for an hour upwards playing different board games. It’s great when it’s bad weather outside.


H = Hide and Seek
Katie A classic


I = Indoor picnic/tea party
Maria Have lunch inside on a picnic rug surrounded by teddies! https://www.happymummy.co.uk


J = Jump in muddy puddles
Ell There are lots of those around at the moment!


K = Kindles
Anna Give yourself a little time out.

K = Kite
Ell Fly a Kite.


L = Library
Leona Libraries often have storytime and crafty activities that run during the holidays! Great if it is rainy www.wandermustfamily.com


M = Messy Play
Nicola Set up a tuff tray or put little one in the bath with some shaving foam and food colouring. Nhttps://mummytodex.com

M = Museum
Katie Museums often have free exhibitions on in the half terms www.mummysdiary.co.uk


N = National Trust
Natalie If you’re a member you can have a full day out there for free if you take a picnic. There’s plenty to keep the children entertained, loads of space to play and it’s dog friendly too. plutoniumsox.com


O = Outdoors
Yvette Take them to the park or any nearby playground.


P = Puppets
Anna Make some traditional tale puppets out of lolly sticks and card and retell some favourite stories

P = Play Doh.
Katy Make your own play doh using flour, water, salt and oil. Add a touch of paint or glitter and create hours of fun!


Q = Quiz day
Jo Send little ones on a scavenger hunts or check out some online quizzes.

Q = Quilling
Angela Quilling is super cheap and fun. https://www.theinspirationedit.com/unicorn-pictures…/


R = Rock Painting
Jenny Why not paint some rocks and then go hide them for others to discover. https://the-gingerbread-house.co.uk/category/painted-rocks/


S = Seaside.
Nikki Wrap up warm and take a kite and a ball to the beach. Search for shells and crabs in rockpools and then finish the day off with some hot fish and chips! www.yorkshirewonders.co.uk


T = Teddy bear picnic
Éva It can be indoor or outdoor depending on the weather.


U =Uno
Rebecca If your little ones are a bit too small for the actual game, a pack of uno cards can be used for lots of fun activities including colour sorting or a simple matching game.


V = Vegetable Soup
Anna Practise some chopping skills and make a yummy hearty soup.

V = Visit relatives/ friends
Rebecca Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.


W = Woodland Walk
Victoria Go to the woods to explore, find sticks, rope swings and explore nature! travelvixta.com


X = X marks the spot
Rebecca Draw a treasure map of your house or garden and hide toys where you mark an X.


X = X rays
Anna Play vets or doctors

Y = Yoyo
Rebecca Dig out a yoyo and have a go. www.imperfectmummy.com


Z = Zoo
Josie As in the local pet shop zoo.

If all else fails, we head to our local garden centre. It easily fills a few hours and is a surprisingly good outing for little ones.

Do you have any other budget, family-friendly ideas?

If you enjoyed this, you might like to head over and Ell at Typicalmummy.co.uk for more FEBRUARY half term inspiration.


Struggling for ideas to keep little ones entertained this half term? Here are loads of cheap activities to fill your days.

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