Choosing Names for Twins – 6 Ways

Picking baby names is hard and when you have pick for two babies, it’s even tougher. Not only have you got to think of nice first and possibly middle names that go with your surname that both you and your partner agree on, but you’ve also got to think whether the names you like work together as a pair.

Now parent’s of twin will have different views on naming their multiples. Some will be all on board with matchy matchy names and other may want names that are clearly ‘twindividual’. Just for fun, I’ve put together a list of names you could pair up for twins. In each category, I’ve come up with three girl:girl names, three boy:boy names and three girl:boy names.

Sharing the womb

I’m not promising this is going to be an overly helpful list. In fact some of my suggestions are down right silly but each to their own. Hidden in here you’ll also find my twin’s names.

If you fancy watching me go through this list instead…here’s the link to my YouTube video on this topic.

Same Initial Sound


  • Lucy and Lily
  • Madison and Morgan
  • Hayley and Hannah


  • Matthew and Mark
  • James and Joshua
  • Ethan and Evan


  • Taylor and Tyler
  • Amy and Aiden
  • Helen and Harry

Same amount of syllables


  • Ava and Evie
  • Emily and Jessica
  • Penelope and Felicity


  • Daniel and Logan
  • Ted and Luke
  • Benjamin and Christopher


  • Charlotte and Albert
  • Millie and Noah
  • Max and Kate

Famous Names


  • Elsa and Ana (The Frozen sisters)
  • Kylie and Danni (Minogue of course)
  • Elizabeth and Margaret (Clearly not a Royalist if you didn’t know this one)


  • Richard and David (The Attenbourough brothers)
  • Joel and Ethan (The Coen Brothers – Stu’s suggestion)
  • Antony and Declan (Saturday night telly at its best)


  • Leia and Luke (Star Wars)
  • Lisa and Bart (Obviously The Simpsons)
  • Maggie and Jake (Gyllenhaal sister and brother)

Double Barrelled Names


  • Ellie-May and Lola-Rose
  • Sophie-Ann and Sarah-Jane
  • Ava-Leigh and Ruby-Sue


  • Ryan-James and Mason-George
  • Alfie-Lee and Archie-Jack
  • Oliver-Dean and Logan-Paul


  • Mia-Eve and Jacob-Ray
  • Gracie-Anne and Jaiden-Fox
  • Laura-Beth and Kaden-Jay

Newborn photo shoot



  • Ella and Bella
  • Zoe and Chloe
  • Leah and Rhia


  • Clayton and Grayson (I know these don’t technically rhyme but I was struggling)
  • Jason and Mason
  • Jack and Zach


  • Layla and Taylor
  • Kim and Tim
  • Skye and Kai

If you’re looking for some modern suggestions of coordinating names, this themed section is for you. A few of these made it to our shortlist.

Themed Names:

Flowers – Lily, Rose, Daisy, Poppy

Places – Hudson, Ellis, Pheonix, Vienna, Kingston, Aspen

Seasons – Summer, Autumn, Winter (I’ve never heard of Spring but why not?)

Precious Materials – Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Amber

Months – Pick a month, some are more traditional like May or June but January is just as nice.

Birds – Wren, Robin, Avary, Adelie, Red, Willow

Colours – Blue, Violet, Cyan, Jade, Lilac, Lavender, Coral

I have to admit, I really did struggle with some catergories especially rhyming girl:boy names. Try it…it’s harder than you think. I’d love to know what you named your twins and whether you had a certain criteria so they went together.


It can be hard to choose names for twins. Here are a few different ways you may opt to select names that go well together.

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  1. My 23 year old twins are Amiee and Ashley girl/boy

    1. My whole family begin with an A…We were called The A Team

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