5 Reasons to Try a Two-Stop Holiday for your next Family Trip

We love to travel and so having a few offspring wasn’t going to slow us down. Initially, after the girls were born, we opted for simple getaways and close destinations but it wasn’t long before adventure began to make our feet itchy again.

Last year, we decided to be a bit braver and created our own two-stop family holiday to Morocco. First, we stayed in the coastal resort of Agadir then packed up and took the three-hour journey over to the bustling, vibrant capital of Marrakech.

Of course, this took a little extra planning than your typical family package holiday but, as we booked all the parts separately, we managed to get our 10-day trip for about £1500.

Family budgeting

This wasn’t out first two stop holiday. We got the bug for exploring multiple destinations when we took a year out to go traveling in our early 20s. This sparked the idea for a two-stop honeymoon to Sri Lanka and The Maldives (obviously a budget busting trip) .

A few years later, when we were struggling to conceive, we spontaneously booked another to Japan and Phuket. Each time we relished the chance to see two places in one go.

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If this is something you’d like to do, here are 5 reasons to give you a little nudge and help you step out of your comfort zone.

1) Makes the Most of Your Time

Your time is incredibly precious. If you work, you are likely to be heavily restricted in the number of days you can take off each year. Don’t waste these days. Use every one to make memories.

2) Best of Both Worlds

When you sit down to plan your next holiday, you normally need to choose between the type of break you want to take. Maybe a beach holiday or a city break. Maybe one of you wants culture and another wants an adventure. with a two-stop break you can do both. No need to compromise.

3) Added Culture

If your two-stops are in the same country, like we did in Morocco, instead of just getting a tiny snapshot of your chosen destination, you get to explore more. The city, coast and countryside can really show very different aspects of the country.

4) More Opportunities

Although you shouldn’t be heading anywhere just to grab that perfect Instagram shot, multiple destinations open up so many more possibilities for seeing your bucket list landmarks. You’ll also be able to seek our lots more unique experiences from each destination you visit.

5) Life’s too short

As much as I love the beach, life is too short to spend my entire holiday sitting on a sun lounger. It’s not like we could do that anyway with little ones. Why not start with two or three days in a city then head somewhere more traditionally ‘holiday’.

This doesn’t sound very relaxing…

Of course holidays are supposed to be relaxing and that is why we like to ensure one of the stops is more low key and laid back, typically near a beach.

Surely it’s a lot of hassle to move kids around?

The hardest part of any holiday is the packing. Once you’ve sorted this and you’ve got everything contained, you can be pretty mobile. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to consider backpacks or slings to help get you from one destination to the next.

The thought of moving about in a foreign country always seems worse than it actually is. People, on the whole, are helpful and friendly. As long as you give your self plenty of time and plan your route, you’ll have a great time.

I hope I’ve inspired you to think about a two-stop holiday for your next family break. If you’ve done a two-stop holiday with kids, let me know below where you took them.


Two stop holidays are definitely worth the extra planning. Take your family on an adventure not just a holiday.

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