5 Family Day Trips for 2018

In January each year, I like to have a little think about some of the places I’d like to visit. Ideally, I try and be realistic. The point is to choose places that are age appropriate for my girls and that we are actually likely to go to. Yes a family trip to Thailand may be on my wish list but on one salary it’s not going to happen. As any parent knows, the months zoom by and you can miss opportunities so here are five places I’m determined to go in 2018

1) Discovery Story Centre

After seeing an advert in Gurgle magazine and then reading a fab review over at Popitha, I’m now desperate to go to the Julia Donaldson/Axel Scheffler exhibition. We are die hard Donaldson fans in this family and own at least 15 of her stories. They are the perfect stage for my girls and as a special treat we all huddle up to watch the animated versions made for TV.

2) Forestry Commision Highway Rat activity trail

Gruffalo trail

Last year, we took the girls on a Gruffalo augmented reality trail. This year the Forestry commission have launched a Highway Rat activity trail. There are routes all across the country. Although this story isn’t as familiar to us, I’m sure Jessica and Emily will still love to complete the activities and spot the characters. It isn’t a book we have in our collection and so I intend to buy or borrow it so we can reread the story before enjoying the trail.

The Highway Rat

3) Peppa Pig Theatre performance

Theatre tickets


For Christmas we received theatre tickets to see Peppa Pig at the theatre in April. This was such a fantastic gift as it was just a bit to pricey for me to justify but the girls are going to lose their little minds. If I could justify the cost and journey south, I’d love to take them to Peppa Pig world but I think that’s not very likely. This will be the girls first of many theatre trips and I’ll definitely take them to a Pantomime this year too.

4) Twinlakes Adventure Park

Toddler friendly theme park

Although we’ve visited before, I’m hoping this year the girls will be tall enough to enjoy all the rides. I intentionally didn’t take them last year as with such a height difference, I thought it’d be unfair on Emily to miss out on so much. Instead we opted for the sister site Wheelgate. Both these small theme parks are in the East Midlands and have so much to do for little ones. There are imaginative worlds, mini rollercoasters, play parks, water rides and even a splash park for the summer months.

5) Water Park

I’d really love to take the girls to a water park this year.  Alton Towers have one and there is another called Water World in Staffordshire. Both look amazing and have lots to offer even for the under fives. Ideally I can rope in some extra adults to come too so Daddy and I can enjoy the bigger rides as well. We all love the water and this would be a great day out for us.

By planning these family day trips, I’m hoping they are more likely to happen. Where will you visit this year with your family. I’d love some recommendations in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Family Day Trips for 2018

  1. Oh you are so lucky to be going to the Peppa Pig show. Your girls will have a ball! And the water park sounds like so much fun.

    I’d like to take my girls to Peppa Pig World this year. That is at the top of my to do list!

    1. They are going to love the theatre. They’ll probably still think it is actually Peppa

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