18 Preschool Chores

For the last six months or so since the girls turned three, I’ve been gradually increasing the amount of jobs I give them. Really they aren’t chores. They are just helping Mummy and almost always they are tasks they want to do. Even so, I think it’s important to encourage them see that stuff needs to get done and we should all pitch in. By asking the girls to help, I’m hopefully instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability.

Skills for Life

That sounds a lot for a three year old but it’s not. These skills are ones that grow and the earlier we can nurture a sense of consideration and thoughtfulness of others, the better. Maybe it’s pie in the sky but ideally I’d like to raise children who won’t need nagging to help. They’ll see jobs that need doing and offer to do them. Here’s hoping.


Now don’t be fooled into thinking I send my twins off to tidy a room and it happens. That’d be amazing but it’s not very realistic. We do these chores together. Some can be done with minimal supervision or with a quick check. Other need an actual helping hand. Some they will insist on doing alone only for you to need to redo when they’re not looking.

18 Preschool Chores

  1. Setting the Table: They take it in turns to put cutlery and plates out for everyone.
  2. Pairing Socks: Great task for matching colours and patterns.
  3. Tidying toys: All the toys need to go back into the correct tub which encourages organisation.
  4. Putting books back on the shelf: A sling book case makes this super simple.
  5. Helping prepare lunch: Putting their own food on a plate encourages them to try new things.
  6. Wiping up spills: When they need to clear up their mess, it encourages them to be more careful.
  7. Watering plants: Teaches them what plants need.
  8. Putting cups into the sink: Less stuff to collect up for washing.
  9. Putting dirty clothes into the washing machine: Helps them understand how clothes are cleaned.
  10. Sweeping: Definitely not efficient but they get some fall out off the floor.
  11. Hanging up coats: Shows them that everything has a place and it isn’t just put on the floor.
  12. Shoes in baskets: Saves us searching for missing shoes.
  13. Picking up post: Helps them identify names.
  14. Fetching something from another room: Encourages observation skills.
  15. Unpacking shopping: Helps them understand where different foods are stored.
  16. Putting paper/ card into the recycling: Teaches them about different materials.
  17. Sticking stamps on letters: Fine motor skills are needed.
  18. Choosing toys to donate: Great for showing empathy and generosity.

Watch Them Learn

Not only do I really believe that helping mummy or daddy is really important but I also know that many of these tasks are helping them delevop a whole array of other life skills. As they grow, they will gain confidence and be able to tackle trickier tasks too. So even though it’s easier to do it myself, they are helping too.

What do you think about preschool chores? Do your little ones help around the house and what do they do? Please add more ideas in the comments below.

You can get a whole variety of reward charts or stickers to encourage helpfulness. Here are a couple I found of Amazon. However, lots of praise and seeing they are contributing may be reward enough for many children.


Get toddlers helping with simple preschool chores around the house.

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9 thoughts on “18 Preschool Chores

  1. My twins are just starting to do small jobs and I think it’s a great way to give them a little responsibility and ownership.

  2. My twins are too young for jobs yet but my eldest is 4 in a couple of months and he has recently taken a real interest in “helping”. His favourite job is helping Daddy wash the car. But he also likes to help me to unload the dishwasher, wipe marks (his fingerprints) off the french doors and put the laundry away. I think it’s important to teach some responsibility as early as possible.

    1. The fingerprints – I try to just not look at them

  3. They’re all great jobs to have them get involved in. My 2yo loves helping with the dishwasher (once I’ve removed the sharp things of course) and laundry (even if it makes the job extra laborious 🤣). It’s great to get then involved.

  4. My little man loves doing jobs like us, he takes the hoover off us as soon as we get it out, he asks granddad to let him peel carrots, he follows us with the duster. Its great to grow up doing them naturally with us rather than making them into chores isn’t it x

  5. I love this list and I already make my 2.5 year do some of these. She loves picking up the post and sweeping, and today I got her to help me bring the shopping through to the kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with getting them involved in chores at this age, my daughter seems to like it, and it’s getting them used to helping you and at home as they get older. Claire x

  6. My boys loved helping when they were little – not so keen anymore unfortunately.

  7. Love this list! My son is 2 so doesn’t have chores as such yet, but he’s ‘helped’ me with the cleaning since he was about 18 months old as he just wanted to join in. He used to help load the washing machine and dust with me. Now he helps me unpack the shopping and tidies his toys away. We’ll keep changing it and adding more as he grows so he can learn new skills and responsibilities.

    1. Absolutely. I love that they want to help and will build it to regular chores as they get older.

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