Why we are still rear facing at 2.5yrs


Before I start, I just want you to know, I’m not here to judge your choices regarding car seats. When it comes to picking car seats, it’s a bit of a mindfield and I don’t think the information readily available is overly clear.

Three years ago, when we were buying all the gear in anticipation of our new arrivals, we purchased a lovely second hand double city jogger pushchair and therefore didn’t need one of the travel systems I thought we’d buy. We opted for the britax dualfix car seats as they seemed great with their rotating function and although they were pricey we knew they would last a while.

Because our chosen seats didn’t need replacing like most within the first year, we just continued on rear facing. It wasn’t until quite recently, I realised almost everyone else had rotated. Why? Well, when you ask, you get some who feel their child was squashed or bored and others where the cost was the major factor.


I get it and respect everyone’s right to make their own choices for their family. I’m glad we didn’t have to choose. However, Jess’ head is now starting to peep over the top of the car seat and so I’ve been forced to look at options. The stats are scary and so I’m thinking I want to continue to rear face. She’ll just have to learn to cross her legs as for me broken legs are better than a broken neck.

The alternative would be to spin Jess and leave Emily rear facing. ¬†Imagine if I were to crash…the guilt would be overwhelming. I’ve probably got a few more months until she’s outgrown the seat (which is annoying as it’s advertised to last until 4yrs), but I’m going to need that time to research the next seat.

When did you rotate? Does anyone have recommendations for extended rear facing seats?


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