Family Tie Dye: Dos and Don’ts

This year for Daddy2twindividuals’ birthday, he insisted he didn’t want anything. For the past few years, I’ve bought experiences rather than stuff. As we were away visiting family for the actual day, I picked up this cheap tie dye kit from The Works for a fiver. I knew he’d love the slightly creative, messy side of it and I thought it could be a fun family activity.

Tie dye kit

I also purchased basic t shirts for us all from Primark. These needed to be soaked for twenty minutes before any dying could take place.

Tie Dye Prep

DO read the instructions carefully. Find a way to cover an area or table and get out everything you will need out.

DON’T rush. Trust me, you’ll regret it when you realise you haven’t got the elastic bands out ready.

DO check the nozzles on the dye bottles. We were gloved up and all set when we discovered one bottle needed the hole making bigger.

DON’T be too ambitious with your patterns. We stuck with spirals, concertina and a heart.

DO watch a tie dye tutorial online – YouTube has thousands and gave us some great inspiration.

Prepping fabric

Involving little ones

DO let them choose what they want tie dyed. They could try a hankie or pillowcase.

DON’T put them in their best clothes. In fact don’t put them in any clothes. We stripped them and still put them in painting aprons.

DO help them to wrap up their fabric and allow them to choose which colour or colours they’d like to use.

DON’T be too controlling. I struggled with this one as I wanted them to come out well. However there was so much solution, you could easily do more at a later date.

Actual dying

DO expect mess. We used an plastic sheet then an old towel on top so the dye was contained.

DON’T forget the cling film. Have this prepped open so when each item is dyed you can wrap it up. This should intensify the colour.

DO whatever you want. Get creative and use every colour or opt for a simple contrast design with just one.

DON’T fret if it doesn’t look perfect. The imperfection are the best bits.

The wait

DO read the instructions to see how long to leave the dye. Ours said 6hrs or overnight so we waited until the morning.

DON’T be impatient. Good things come to those who wait.



DO put on gloves again for the unwrapping and rinsing.

DON’T be tempted to add anything else to the wash load unless you want it dyed a murky grey.

Rinsing fabric

We took the riskier option of actually involving our girls with the dying but you could easily do all the prep with them and leave the messy part (which is pretty quick) until they are in bed. Have you ever tie dyed? If not, why not give it a try. It was great and now we have fun family outfits as a momento.

If you want to see a family photo of us showcasing our creations, go follow me on Instagram.

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18 thoughts on “Family Tie Dye: Dos and Don’ts

  1. Oh wow this does look messy, but such a good activity to do with the children. I like your tip on asking them what they want to dye. Claire x #ThatFridayLinky

  2. I have never been brave enough to tie dye but have always wanted to. What a great present idea and fab tips. I will be seeking out the kit in The Works #TheListLinky

  3. I haven’t seen tie dye for years great results Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week

    1. Maybe I should have recommended doing it outside but not much chance of that with all the rain.

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